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I’ll tackle questions about growth, product management, working with and managing people, and being a Dad in the startup world. For now this is a free newsletter where I’ll try to put something out every week; eventually I might add a paid subscription.

“One of my employees printed out How to Hire for Growth Employees and is going to put it on his wall.”

- David Mausolf, founder of

“I have nothing to say about the growth experiment doc by Adam. It is just spectacular. He is the Growth Daddy, or the Growth God, whatever, no difference."

“Thanks for your post about parenting and work today. It was very refreshing to read an honest and open perspective on the very delicate and tough balance.”

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Adam Fishman

Product & Growth Exec; EIR @Reforge. Former CPO Imperfect Foods, VP Product & Growth at Patreon, Head of Growth for Lyft. Hockey player. Dad. Michigan alum.