Aug 3 • 55M

Watching your kids first experiences and quality v. quantity time | Darius Contractor (father of 2, CGO at, Growth and Product Leader)

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Adam Fishman
Darius C
Adam Fishman interviews executives, entrepreneurs, and company leaders in technology companies who are also fathers. We discuss the tough aspects of work, parenting, family, the mistakes made and lessons learned along the way. It's heartwarming and hilarious.
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Darius Contractor is the Chief Growth Officer at Prior to that he was Chief Product and Technology Officer at Vendr, a Growth and Product leader at Airtable and Facebook, and an Engineering leader at Dropbox. He is also a fantastic angel investor and advisor, a husband and the father of two kids. In this episode we discuss:

  • His parents influence on his career

  • His earliest memories of being a Dad

  • Freak out moments

  • Watching your kids experience the world for the first time

  • Frameworks for parenting

  • Sacrifices you make when becoming a parent

  • Acknowledging your mistakes

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In this episode, we cover:

[1:24] Darius’ introduction and professional background

[2:46] His personal background

[4:05] His parent’s influence on his life

[5:30] Info on his family

[6:50] Decision to start a family

[9:53] Parenting during the Pandemic

[12:41] Earliest memory of being a Dad

[15:06] A freak out moment

[17:22] Most surprising part of being a Dad

[21:40] Watching your kids experience the world the first time

[24:22] Parenting frameworks

[30:25] Disagreements with your partner

[34:16] Successes!

[35:31] Sacrifices made in becoming a parent

[39:12] Mistakes as a Dad

[42:17] Hustle culture vs. Parenting

[46:57] Rapid fire round

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